Tragedy Khadafi

I'm like Osama Hussein, hotter than the whole
Population control, I'm seein' soldiers fold
As I release the scroll, I spit perpendicular
Walkin' barefoot across peninsulas, freein' slaves and prisoners
Black Market Militia is revolution, the mission is
Free the minds of our listeners, resurrected with militance
We ain't beggin' politicians for nothing
Government funded, comin' gunnin' and stunnin', seein' the D's running
God bless us, Supreme Team, extreme measures
Max under mattress, C-4 in the dressers
The D's who wanna test us, and feds wanna arrest us
Fuck professers and their lectures, I'm talkin' to ancestors
True story, give the glory to God, receive the blessings
Made in an image, of his likeness, my true essence

When I write, the angels cry, tears fall out of the sky
Hit the earth, take human form and fly
Prophets and messengers, rise out of they graves
My enemies retreat, four legged beasts, back to the cage
Mountains of Caucus, I'm just dealin' with higher forces
Satellite's take flight when I'm swervin', bulletproof porsches
The first dynasty was that of Egyptian's
Before commandments, my name was written in golden scriptures
When I spit, it's like bare witness to Allah speak the Shahada
Nat Turner burner, soul of a rider
It's like me and you subtracted from two, last one left
Right over left, when cowards die, thousands of death
Let the revolution start, where's your heart, let ya heat pop
Feel the lost cause of Afeni, when she lost Pac
Betty Shabazz, the slugs tore Malcolm's chest and he drop
Audobon building, might get murdered, what I'm revealing
Cinematic like Michael Moore, Fahrenheit 9/11
Mac-11 flamin', the president's head til it severed

I write novels like Claude Brown
Manchild in a Promised Land, all the hood children gather round
Sun Tzu gave me The Art of War
Robert Greene gave me The 48 Laws, The Art of Seduction is nothing
Osato told a life story, Alex Haley showed me some Roots
My ancestors, those who came before me
Elijah taught me how to eat to live, not to live to eat
From the pig intestine, deduction of feet
King David gave me the book of psalms
Huey Newton taught me how to a man, stand up and bear arms
Learn the, the ways of the prophet, from Kalilda Brahm
Mohammed alahis Salam, from the Qur’an
Iceberg Smith taught me how to move like a don
William Cooper showed me the pale horses
I studied with John Bay, secret sciences and forces
Exist all around us, my soldiers never fold
Black Market require readin' the dead street scrolls

Tragedy Khadafi: "Dead Street Scrolls"

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